Starcraft Ƀitcoin Open

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    What is The Gauntlet?

    • The SC2BTC Gauntlet is a gaming service which main aim is to allow Starcraft 2 players to earn money while playing. It has several facets which go directly toward improving online tournament-play experience.


    • The trial will run on the EU servers.
      Feel free to use the global play feature if you don't have an EU account.
      Please note that you get a new profile URL from when you login for the 1st time, use that for your player validation in the account settings.
      We'll expand the service to include America-friendly timezones when the EU trial is complete.


    • Anyone is welcome to join. Please bring your friends!
      Please note, you will need the "Heart of the Swarm" Starcraft 2 expansion to join up. We have no plans to run Wings of Liberty tournaments.

    How much?

    • Entry into the Gauntlet is free.

    Prize pools:

    • Season 1
      Basic premise: winner advances, 2nd place remains, 3rd & 4th place drops down 1 and 2 places respectively
      entry value (BTC) value () level format 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
      4-player RR
      Bo1 (all)
      - -
      0.02 4-player SE
      Bo3 (all)
      - -
      0.06 4-player SE
      Bo3 (all)
      0.16 4-player SE
      Bo3 (all)
      0.40 Level 5 End of The Gauntlet Trial (for now)

      Please note: We plan to mix in other tournament formats (double elimination, round-robin & swiss-style)


    • Follow us on twitter for reminders on start times.
      The schedule will be updated by the admins and will start with Monday nights.
      Click here to see an up-to-date schedule (opens a new tab).

      Gauntlet tournaments of all levels will start throughout these times (it's ok to be late).
      The end of the trial season will be announced, but will probably run in parallel with normal seasons.

    Different approach to online tournaments

    • Levelling
      Levelling in an RTS is not a new concept. If you've ever played on the ladder you're familiar with the concept. The difference is that we're tying the economy of the system to it. We've designed the (initial) levelling experience to be as simple as possible: not too harsh when you lose (as it happens about half the time) and "interesting" enough to keep going.
    • Satellite-tournaments
      In order to help prize pools grow, we're borrowing the concept of satellite tournaments from online poker. What this basically means is that small entry amounts, when washed with skill and rinsed with the blood of your opponents, comes out all sparkly (and bigger). For example, continuing with the same basic premise of level advancement as described, the winner of level 9 will receive 67.24 BTC ( ) and the winner of level 13, 2284.84 BTC ( ). Yes, we know those numbers seem silly.
      Players will join a "holding pattern" tournament level and from there be auto-moved to satellite tournaments. Allocations will be random and will be similar to a sit-and-go style tournament with some provisions to prevent incomplete satellites.
      Satellite tournaments have the added benefit of a play-when-ready tournament style. We want to step away from long-running 5 hour tournaments and allow players to join when they have time for it and not have to spend an entire evening on it (unless they choose to).
    • Sponsored Play
      As with most sport, the economic growth of eSport is very dependent on sponsorships, and this service will follow that track. Entry into the Gauntlet is sponsored (that is, free for players). Sponsors will be added over time from different industries.
      Anyone will be allowed to sponsor anyone (although only will act as a sponsor during the Trial). One of our aims is to make it easier for a smaller companies to get into the sponsorship game by introducing the concept of micro-sponsorships. We're adding support for anonymous sponsorships, personal sponsorships, team sponsorships and take any new ideas for sponsorship addition very seriously.
      If you'd like to become a sponsor, please be patient, we're adding the hooks to make it easy for you to do so. For now, send us an email @ and we'll tell you all about it.
    • New things
      The system is designed to be "open to suggestion" and evolutionary. We have a lists as long as your arm of new things to try out for online tournaments. We'll have fun with our experiments, and listen to (and obviously act) on feedback.

    The Rules

    • Map Pools
      Maps will be chosen from often-used tournament pools and map pools for different levels will be used to adjust average running times for tournaments. The system will automatically and randomly assign maps from the assigned pools for the best of X matches. This will be shown in exactly the same order (top to bottom) to both players and they must be played in order. The concept of "loser picks" does not apply.
    • Administration
      The Gauntlet will be auto-administered by the Starcraft Ƀitcoin Open tournament automation system. Players must follow the instructions as described in the basic overview tutorial (2:38). The map pool, opponent and in-game channel will be clearly listed for each player.
    • Match reporting
      For match reporting the auto-adjudicating backend system will be used (built on the SC2Gears replay parsing service). Players must upload the replay after each map. The system will check the winner and auto-adjust scoring accordingly. It is the responsibility of the winner to do this, but the system will not mind if the loser uploads their version of the replay as well (or instead) - the results will be the same.
    • Unavailable Opponent

      The opponent who is available will use the "Opponent Unavailable" button. This will initiate a 10 minute forfeit timer, if the opponent shows up within these 10 minutes, they will have the option to clear this forfeit request and play the match as normal.
      A player which forfeits a match will forfeit their entry-ticket. Do not enter a tournament if you are not ready to begin playing right away.
    • Disconnects / Lag / Observers
      As the tournament system is designed to be automated, it works on a "what would do?" basis. This means if your opponent disconnects mid-game you will be left with a replay which proves you won. Uploading this replay to report a win is valid.
      We know this rule is contentious and we will review this process based on feedback from players.
      Observers are allowed, only if both opponents agree to it. If any of the observers are lagging, players are within their right to ask all observers or just the offending one to leave immediately.
    • Coverage
      SC2BTC does not yet feature caster-support, although this is a planned add-on to the system. Players are welcome to stream their games, but only if the other player agrees to it. We suggest using a 90 second delay (at least) when streaming to mitigate stream cheating, but have no way to enforce it, so please use your own discretion.
    • BM / Offensive language / Racial Slurs
      Bad-mannered behaviour is tolerated, though frowned upon. Swear words are tolerated, though frowned upon (enable the in-game language filter if you are unable to tolerate this).
      Racial slurs of any kind (spoken in jest or otherwise) will result in disqualification and account bans. These decisions are not made lightly and a report of this will be reviewed by the SC2BTC administration staff. To report such behaviour, please send proof (a screenshot or a reference to a replay which contains the offensive chat log) to
    • Please note that this initial rule set is currently evolutionary, which means that it may (and probably will) change at the discretion of the tournament organisers to enforce fair play.